Better Outcomes to Personal Injury

Don't let a car accident severely diminish your quality of life. The sooner you get treated, the less treatment you require, and it may prevent costly medical procedures down the road.
Thorough Health Evaluations
Our primary focus is to provide quality care that gets you feeling better after a car accident.
Stronger Legal Claims
We go the extra mile to help you get appointed with the right attorney to handle any legal matters.
Recover Faster
The first 72 hours after a car accident are critical. A common injury like whiplash can go undetected for days, or even weeks, and can last for years if left untreated.
HURT 911 injury care is the best solution for your pain, and we support your legal claims and outcomes.

HURT 911 Injury Care Centers
Here for You

Only a doctor can help you avoid years of chronic pain. HURT 911 helps you speed up the recovery process.
Personalized Care Plans Without Surgery or Opioids
Chiropractic care may be worth pursuing if you want to avoid surgery or taking medication for your pain.
Uncover Hidden Injuries
Thorough health evaluations can identify additional issues, keeping small injuries from becoming more significant problems.
Experienced Car Accident Doctors
HURT 911 Injury Care Center doctors specialize in the treatment of personal injuries suffered in car accidents.

Service Areas

Car accident doctors can help patients avoid years of chronic pain and speed up the recovery process.
Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance program for people who are injured at work. Workers' comp benefits anyone injured in the workplace regardless of fault.
Slip and fall injuries can be very serious, even life-threatening. Know the potential results from slip and falls, the importance of immediate medical attention, and the potential for legal intervention.
Millions of people suffer from neck and back pain. According to WebMD, back pain is the leading cause of disability in people younger than 45. If you have back or neck pain for more than a few days, it's crucial to get a proper diagnosis and start an effective treatment plan.
The HURT 911 attorney referral service will match patients with qualified attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases.

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Get examined by a HURT 911 Injury Care doctor
within 72 hours of an auto accident

Your exam findings will give you the information you need to decide if an attorney is necessary and which one may be right for you. If needed, we can refer you to a reputable and qualified Personal Injury Attorney.
Very close and convenient, staff are very friendly and helpful.
Dawn R.